About Us

Gottfried Lange has been in the commercial funding and investment banking industry for over 35 years, in which time he has established relationships with well over a hundred investors and lenders, in all parts of the world.

He has now become a private consultant to professional, financial intermediaries, and select, individual clients. To service fully the needs of all his clients, he has drawn about himself a top team of specialists in various related fields, all of whom  form Gottfried Lange & Associates

If you are having difficulty securing finance for your venture, chances are you and/or your advisors have not been able to structure your requirement in a way that is attractive to investors, or lenders, we may be able to help.

International finance is not something you can learn in the classroom. It requires experience to identify how a deal can be funded and the connections to be able to fund it.


Areas of Expertise

My international experience across a variety of industries and areas include:

  • Commercial & Industrial Real Estate
  • Project Finance
  • Construction Funding
  • Term loans
  • Private Placements
  • Venture Capital
  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers
  • Equity Funding
  • Business Development
  • Bridge Finance

Discussion of some specific financial structures will be found from time to time in the Blog posts.



How Can We Help You

Our endeavours are directed towards assisting various individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporations to obtain funding necessary for their viable ventures – a goal, which, in recent years, worldwide, has generally become more difficult, due to a variety of reasons. We work with professional, financial intermediaries as well as directly with select clients.

It is with a sense of considerable understanding of both sides of the picture that Gottfried Lange offers these services. Sometimes, there may be a problem, and often the way out of that problem lies not in pursuing old and frustrating methods, but rather applying some extraneous knowledge of other methods.

Contact from legal and financial intermediaries, and brokers, is welcome.

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